overdue invoiceDebt Collection Service Limited (DCS) was formed in 2005. We specialise in providing a reliable and effective means for the collection of business to business debts. We provide an efficient, cost-effective and reliable debt recovery service for business to business debts. Our very effective approach enables companies to reduce ‘bad debt’ and thus improve financial efficiency.

The involvement of DCS will show your debtor that you are serious about collecting the debt(s) owed to you, and that you have engaged a professional company to help you to recover what is due to you.

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We understand that it is important that your invoices are paid as soon as possible. Once we receive your completed Instruction Form we will start on your case straight away. Once we are on the case we will calculate the total amount (including interest charges and late payment fees) that your debtor owes. We’ll then write direct to the Directors of the debtor company (if it is a limited company) explaining that they need to make immediate payment if they wish to avoid County Court or bankruptcy / insolvency proceedings.  This often enough to ‘nudge’ your debtor in to doing something about the debt rather than ignoring it.

We use our experience to take the burden and hassle of collecting overdue debts away from you, thus releasing time for you to concentrate on your existing (and paying!) clients.

The debt collection process starts with a formal demand for payment (a ‘Letter Before Action’), which is often all that is required to prompt the recipient to pay what they owe, or for a payment plan to be agreed.  If the debt remains unpaid (and no payment plan is put in place) we will recommend either County Court action against the debtor or the commencement of bankruptcy / insolvency proceedings.

If payment is not forthcoming after the granting of a County Court Judgement (CCJ) then one of the many enforcement options available is to use High Court Enforcement Officers (“Sheriff’s) to visit the debtor to either collect payment in full or remove goods for sale at auction.

From the day that we receive a completed Instruction Form we keep clients informed of the progress of the case.

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Don’t forget, we aim to recover more than the value of the debt referred to us as we will add late payment fees and interest charges to the debt![/alert_box]