Specialists in the collection of business to business debts
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About us

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We specialise in collecting debts owed by one UK business to another UK business.


Most of our clients are a small business that need to collect the payments due to them.

We act on instructions promptly on receipt. We issue clients with regular email updates of our progress in each case. Once we've taken a case on we tell the debtor that they need to communicate direct with us (and not our client). Payments by cheque are sent to our offices to enable us to know when payments are made by the debtor. The cheque, however, is made payable to our client so that the debtor knows where the money is going and saves any delay by waiting for the funds to be processed through our bank account. If preferred, debtors are given the option to make payment direct to the client's bank account.

Our offices are in Bristol, and we have clients around the country.

why choose us?

We specialise in collecting business to business debts

We are a SME and recognise the importance of cash flow for other SMEs. Our 'niche' is supporting small businesses to collect payment on overdue invoices etc due to them.

By specialising in business-to-business debts we're better able to understand the needs of the client (and the debtor), which helps us to broker a solution.

We prefer to have a long term relationship with our clients

For some of our clients we successfully collect a debt for them, and then don't hear from then again for a few years.

We provide our clients with cards / labels to affix to statements and invoices to show that we're ready to take on a case if payment is not forthcoming. This lets the customers of our clients know that we're waiting in the wings to take a case on if necessary. In the short-term this may mean that there is no need to refer a case to us. But it helps us to build a long term relationship with our clients.

Simple and fair charging structure

We charge an initial instruction fee for each debt that we take on. This fee is subject to negotiation if you have a series of debts to refer to us.

We charge a 'success fee' based on the sum recovered. This is either calculated as a percentage of the compensation entitlement and interest fees paid by your debtor, or a percentage of the total sum recovered. The charges are made clear before you instruct us to collect a debt.

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