We specialise in supporting small businesses to collect debts owed to them.

We specialise in supporting small businesses to collect debts owed to them.

Most of our clients are small businesses that need to collect the payments due to them.

Upon receiving instructions from a client, we promptly take action. We ensure regular email updates are sent to our clients, providing them with progress reports on each case. Once we accept a case, we inform the debtor that all communication should be directed to us and not our client. Payments are typically made by the debtor directly into our client’s bank account, although they also have the option of paying by cheque (made payable to the client) or making an appointment to visit our office to make a cash payment.

Our offices are located in Bristol, serving clients across the country. Established in 2005, our company has a proven track record of providing exceptional support to our clients.

Why choose DCS?

As an SME ourselves, we understand the significance of cash flow for other small businesses. Our expertise lies in assisting small businesses in recovering outstanding payments, whether they are unpaid invoices, hotel bills, or overdue childcare fees.

By specializing in serving SMEs, we gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ and debtors’ needs, enabling us to find effective solutions.

We value long-term relationships with our clients. While we successfully collect debts for some clients, we may not hear from them again for several years. We believe in fostering enduring partnerships with our clients, as we recognize the value of having satisfied clients who may return to use our services in the future.

Our fee structure is simple and fair. We charge an initial instruction fee for each debt we handle, and this fee can be negotiated if the client has multiple debts to refer to us.

Additionally, we charge a ‘success fee’ based on the amount recovered. This fee is calculated as a percentage of the compensation entitlement, interest fees, and debt collection costs paid by your debtor, or as a percentage of the total sum recovered. Before instructing us to collect a debt, we will clearly communicate the charges involved.

We act on instructions promptly on receipt. We issue clients with regular email updates on our progress in each case. Once we’ve taken a case on we tell the debtor that they need to communicate direct with us (and not our client). Payments are usually made by the debtor direct to the bank account of our client, with the debtor also having the option of making payment by cheque (payable to the client).

Our offices are in Bristol, and we have clients around the country. The company was formed in 2005, and has a proven track record of supporting clients.

We are not solicitors, a firm of solicitors, nor do we purport to be a firm of solicitors. Accordingly, we are not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

We do not need to be registered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as we do not undertake any regulated activities.

Debt Collection Service Limited
Company Registration Number: 05370515 (England & Wales, UK)
Registered Office: Easton Business Centre, Felix Road, Bristol, BS5 0HE, United Kingdom.
Registered with HM Revenue and Customs for Value Added Tax (our charges are subject to VAT).
Registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner (ICO) for the handling and processing of personal data.

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