Specialists in the collection of business to business debts
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Professional debt collection

We specialise in the collection of business-to-business debts

If your business is owed money by another business (whether or not either company is a limited company) then we can help!

What we do
  • Collect payment on overdue invoices
  • Calculate interest and late payment fees
  • Where necessary arrange a payment plan with debtors
  • Liaise with debtor on behalf of our client
  • Enforce existing debts where a CCJ has been issued
  • Assist clients with credit control before referring a debt to us

What we do NOT do
    • Debts owed to credit card companies etc
    • Debts owed to banks
    • Debts owed to financial institutions
    • Debts owed in respect of parking charges
    • Debts owed to local or central government
    • Debts regulated by the Consumer Credit Act
    • Operate outside the UK
    • Enagage 'agents' to collect debts on our behalf (other than Bailiffs or HCEOs)


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