Debt Collection for Bristol

From offices at Easton Business Centre in Bristol, the team at Debt Collection Service has been collecting debts owed to clients from bristol and around the country since 2005. We have built a great reputation of supporting SMEs from the greater Bristol area, and further afield, to collect debts owed to them either by businesses or individuals.

Many of our existing clients have been referred to us by satisfied clients. Some of our clients are companies that owed money to one of our clients and saw first-hand how efficient DCS is in collecting business-to-business debts.

Where we believe that County Court proceedings are necessary, we will draft the County Court claim ready for review by our client before Court proceedings start. In the vast majority of cases, however, we are able to recover debts without the need for County Court action.

Aerial image showing Easton Business Centre, Felix Road, Easton where the DCS offices are located.
The DCS offices are at Easton Business Centre, Easton, Bristol