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Debt Collection for Bristol

From offices at Easton Business Centre in Bristol, the team at Debt Collection Service has been collecting debts since 2005 owed to clients from bristol and around the country. We have built a great reputation of supporting SMEs from the greater Bristol area, and further afield, to collect debts owed to them either by businesses or individuals.

Many of our existing clients have been referred to us by satisfied clients. Some of our clients are companies that owed money to one of our clients and saw first-hand how efficient DCS is in collecting business-to-business debts.

Our Instruction Forms provide clear information on our charging structure. We charge an initial Instruction Fee of £30.00 +VAT for each debtor case that we take on (this is £30.00 per debtor, not per individual debt). The bulk of our charges are based on the sums we recover from the debtor. We add Compensation Entitlement, Interest Charges and debt collection costs to the business-to-business debts that we pursue. Call us on 0117 370 4236 if you would like to discuss our charging structure, alternatively, you can email or send a message via WhatsApp 01173704236. We do not need any payment upfront, as clients are invoiced for the Instruction Fee after we receive the completed Instruction Form (by email or post) from the client.

We approach debtors with courtesy, but also make very clear the potential consequences if the debt remains unpaid. Where necessary we will negotiate (in consultation with the client) settlement of the debt with the aim of collecting as much for our client as we can in a swift and professional manner.

Where we believe that County Court proceedings are necessary, we will draft the County Court claim ready for review by our client before Court proceedings start. In the vast majority of cases, however, we are able to recover debts without the need for County Court action.

If the debtor company is insolvent, then we will correspond direct with the Administrators or Liquidators to ensure that we are able to recover as much as we can for our client.

Once we are instructed, all correspondence with the debtor is through DCS and we ask clients to forward to us any correspondence they receive from the debtor. Unlike some less scrupulous debt collectors, debtors are instructed to make payment direct to our client. This is either by the debtor making payment to the bank account of our client, or my sending a cheque to DCS that is made payable to our client. This ensures that our clients receive prompt cleared funds, without any delay caused by the money going through a DCS bank account.

We are not simply an organisation that collects details of your debt and then passes the case on to someone else to pursue the case for you. We will manage the case from beginning to end, including any necessary County Court proceedings or enforcement proceedings.

Whether you, or your debtor, are in Bristol, greater Bristol, the former Avon area, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, or anywhere else in the UK, then we can help you to recover the debt owed to your business.

Aerial image showing Easton Business Centre, Felix Road, Easton where the DCS offices are located.
The DCS offices are at Easton Business Centre, Easton, Bristol

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